1. s15Irl

    aftermarket spark plugs and leads for my spec s?

    hi guys, i used the search function but didnt get any info on what im looking for.. I looking for after market plug leads like magnacor, anyone know where i can get these or something similar? also what grade of plug should i use? any help would be appreciated! Thanks..
  2. crazymat666

    cd player does sub leads fit?

    i have the standard cd/cassette player in the spec r and i was wondering if i put my sub in the back would the leads plug staight in the back of the unit or not? or would it be worth just buying a new head unit
  3. U

    Whats Up?

    My name is Travis and i live in North Carolina. I have been into imports for a while and i am trying my hardest to get a s15. I had an AWD Eclipse and sold it. I am looking for something that not everyone on the street has. If anyone can help me out with some leads on where i can go and look for...