1. O

    WTB: S15 AC condenser

    Hi Guys, As the title says looking for a replacement AC condenser, any has a non leaking one available?
  2. L

    GReddy oil filter relocation kit leaking..

    Anybody had there's leaking. Was thinking of taking it apart and applying some PTFE tape on the threads but it doesn't seam to be leaking from there but more like the blue anodised male connectors seal. Anybody shed some light on this? Thanks
  3. G

    mechanical check up, need help with what it all means

    hey guys so i found a car that i think looks nice and all, owner seems like a good kid too had a mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection and the report came back with some problems 1. Near side front ties rod end 2. crank seal leak 3. rocker cover gasket leaking 4. rear shocks leaking 5...
  4. Joeh

    WTB: Wanted: Coilover (fronts/complete set)

    Hi all Looking for front coilovers for my car but I don't mind a complete set. Must be in good condition, not leaking and no play in the piston etc I'm in North West London/Watford and I'd prefer to collect. Thanks
  5. P

    Hello all. From Sussex

    Hello I'm George Just bought 100000 mile Spec R in silver and love it to bits. There are a few problems I have with it tho. There seems to be an oil leak and can't sus out where it is coming from, it's not leaking onto the floor yet. If anyone could point me into the right direction would be...
  6. M

    oem dump valve mod????

    can anyone show me the link where you can modify the oem dump valve to stop it leaking at higher boost????cant seem to find it:annoyed:
  7. V

    diff leak

    hey guys, i done my first trackday today and my diff sprung a leak, it was always kind of leaking a bit but never too serious, but today it got worse it was actually dripping :( what i dont no is exactly where its leaking, its either the diff casing or the driver side output shaft, what i want...
  8. S

    Hks Coilovers with leak

    I got a set of HKS coilovers, just one of them is leaking oil. Is this something that can be fixed? and Whats the worth of it when one is leaking? Think its Hipermax II but im not sure, could take pictures tomorrow if i get some answers.
  9. C1TPT

    Another coolant leak!

    Hi guys, Just picked my car up from Torque and im very happy with it but its got a couple of little problems the turbo to mani gasket is now starting to go and the car has just begun to overheat! i've had a search on here and it seems common for the water lines on the turbo to go so i had a...
  10. K

    Leaking coilover :/

    One of my KEi office coilovers have started leaking :/ Soo i now need a "repair" kit if you get what i mean :) But i dont know where too find it soo i need some help, Does anyone have a clue where i can find some parts for em?
  11. slammedmind

    leaking water line

    So i get up on my day off to find that ive got a puddle of coolant under the car? After jacking up the car and doing a quick search i discover that the water line on the turbo is leaking on the banjo bolt?? Is this a common fault with the standard lines? Ive got braided ones to go on but thats...
  12. E

    Burning Engine Oil

    Hi all, I have a 99 Spec R and my engine seems to be having the problem of burning (vapourize) engine oil for the past 6 months. Currently, after engine oil change (synthetic), I can only drive for around 1500KM before most of the oil turn dark and come to the low level on the dip stick...