1. D

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hi guys, Newbie from Galway, Ireland. I'm currently in the market for an s15 spec r preferably in pewter grey or white. If anyone is selling in Ireland please pm or email me. I look forward to learning more about these cars and more than likely be asking a lot of questions :) David
  2. Ajbulger

    New from Northampton England

    hey guys im AJ, from northampton 22 and just upgraded from an rx8 to my new baby looking forward to getting to know you guys and learning all i can to make my baby as beautiful as she can be.
  3. B

    Hello from Ireland

    heys guys. my name is Dave and im from Ireland. I recently caught the rwd bug and bought an S15 Spec S. Delighted with the car, haven't been able to fault it yet:). Looking forward to getting stuck into some disscussions on S15's and learning more about them. Thats about it for now.
  4. Mark_D

    Hello all

    Hi all, I just made a post here in general about the Wise square kit for the S15. Everyone here seems friendly so i thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Mark and I live in Essex, UK. I am not actually an S15 owner, although am a massive fan (always have been) and one day, i hope to be the...
  5. T

    Mine in HDR

    Hope you guys like it, I am still learning to do HDR :D
  6. LuPix_S15

    DWYB - First Taster

    Yup - had the chance to go and get the Silvia sideways properly last Wednesday!! Boy is drifting FUN :D :D I will be back and learning higher-speed initiations next time round - had to spend all day getting basics right lol... Piccies:
  7. J

    Finally bought my very own camera

    Finally bought my very own DSLR. Have taken a few shots now, not good at it yet - but still learning.. :thumbs: