1. Nickichi

    Jacking Points

    Heya, done a little searching through the older posts but I felt I needed some confirmation before I did any more Lifting Since a pic speaks a thousand words you can see were I jacked the front up using the engine support bar which I believe is the front jacking point for the car according to...
  2. T

    Bought a s15 today but...

    As above a 20hr road trip with 2 ferrys to go get it, however on the drive home 2 faults arrose. When accelerating, after about 4k the car start missfiring badly and there is a huge loss in power When following the car, when lifting off the gas on over run the car smoke, White in colour I...
  3. Topper

    How do you get a car on 4 axle stands?

    I want to redo the underseal on my car and generally tidy up the under side, how do i get the car onto 4 axle stands? Putting it up onto two, say at the front, then lifting the rear until you can get axle stands under seems a bid dodgy, but is that how you do it?