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    6 Speed Autech Flywheel - what clutch?

    Hi, Been told a 5 speed clutch will fit the single mass lightened Autech flywheel for my 6 speed S15 gearbox. For reference I am fitting a 6 speed to my SR20DE for closer ratios, and ideally would like to match the lightened flywheel with a nice 3 puk clutch or similar. Just wanted to confirm...
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    FS: Exedy paddle clutch

    Hi, took ok my clutch and flywheel out my s15. clutch has plenty of meat on it, £140 and it's yours. if you want the lightened driftworks flywheel and paddle clutch both are £250 thanks
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    FS: S15 driftworks lightened flywheel - 1yr old.

    Hi, taken off the car so is no longer needed :-) can take pictures if needed. £130+postage thanks