1. Jay-pan

    WTB: Engine mounts

    Wanted the engine mounts and gearbox got solid ATM and bit harsh for my liking. apex street or hard race street thanks
  2. N

    Kyb agx?

    Hi guys, Recently bought my 15 and the woman told me it was standard suspension, when i looked over ive found it to be KYB AGX? These any good? its not sitting low enough for my liking anyone have any opinions with these shocks with eibach springs or something? Cheers! :nod:
  3. crazymat666

    ABS FUSE where is it??

    im trying to find the ABS fuse i take the cover off but theres nothing there which indicates which 1 it is. i wanna take it out because at high speeds the abs kicks in to hard and causes the car to slide a little which is quite dangerous for my liking i wanna see if that will cure it for...