1. S


    What are the exhaust systems that people using? Any links to the videos?
  2. F

    200sx gear gaitor same as s15?

    wanting a geargaitor but there all tailored fit for 200sx ,anyone any links to ones that are a direct fit?thansks
  3. T

    seat rails

    Can anyone please tell me which make of rail sits the lowest and is S15 direct fit cheers:confused: also links to buy would help thanks:thumbs:
  4. C

    The ultimate gearbox thread!

    Gearbox failure is relatively common and the information about it seems to be scattered all over the forum, so here it is, all condensed into one thread. Thanks to _Wing_ for suggesting the idea. The options are.. Replace 6-speed box Convert to S14 5-speed box Uprated gear sets for...
  5. Havoc

    Work Emotion CR-Kai Alloys

    I am my genuine WORK emotion CR-Kai alloy wheels. 2 as a pair and 1 on its lownsome! Check links for more details!
  6. A

    WTB: S15 Spec R ARBs

    As per title, with all relevant bushes & drop links.
  7. J

    Turbo Seals going? whats the best fix? New Turbo?

    he guys, think I have my problem solved Loosing boost when hot oil spray coming from the Blow off valve Am i looking at having to get a new turbo? If so what should I look at getting, any links you can post will help cheers James
  8. S

    where to get a oxygen lambda senser?

    i need to buy a new lambda oxygen senser because i failed the nct on emissions:( ..anyone have any links that could help me?
  9. K

    will s14 exhaust fit on s15

    Hey guys i was just curious but anyone know if the s14 exahust will fit on the s15 ???? Any links or info is greatly appreciated :nod:
  10. K


    has anyone seen any? i would like some for the plans i have for the car, any links would be great :thumbs: thanks guys
  11. L

    Stereo plug

    I'm after a stereo plug for my S15 i tryed the one out of my s14 but it didn't fit :rolleyes: has anyone got any links to where i can get the right one? its a Clarion unit if that helps :)
  12. sushiming

    Anti roll bars

    hey guys some of u knwo that ive got some cusco ARB at home waiting to be fitted i wanna know if u guys that have fitted new ones just fitted them to the stock drop links or did u guys buy new drop links to fit them?
  13. Topper

    Camber Adjustment

    I think i know the answer to this, however: - I have been meaning to get my camber adjusted via aftermarket arms for a while now, but i have a trackday on saturday, and am wondering if there is any movement in the standard upper links?? Looking in the Serivce manual it would seem that there...