1. N

    FS: SSR professor SP1's

    Debating selling my SSR's would rather px them in for some minus offset Meisters, equips, or professors. These are 17s 9.5j et12 all round and I've just refurbed them myself. 1300 ono on a straight sale or the above listed rims plus cash your way dependant on condition, here's pics-
  2. Jordan

    WTB: One of these!

    I need the support bar listed here as no.8 mine has never had one :cry: anyone got one?
  3. Carta

    S15 ecu pinout colours

    I am trying to match up the colours listed in the S15 ecu pinouts thread to the cables I have cut in my car. I cant seem to make sense of the listings. There is a cable that is listed as G, is that green or grey? Also one listed as L? what does that mean? If anyone could tell me how to work...
  4. D

    FS: Pewter S15 Spec R Drivers side wing

    Hello I have listed a wing I have spare starting at £35
  5. Fasthands

    Will this fit? It's a braided clutch line listed for S14. :confused:
  6. 0

    S15 purchase irregularities

    hey guys lots of info here so i signed up and i have a question. i was looking through the specs page and misc page i found linked to this site. i noticed the codes you had listed for the different models etc. my question is i am looking at a car at the moment that is listed as a spec r...
  7. Feast Japan

    FS: Random Wheels *SSR, Enkei, Advan

    S15 OC, Feast Auto has been brokering and offering good rates on wheels for some time now. We offer used and new. Many size options etc. Below is some misc. stock + sometimes we will list random wheels which are available through a 3rd party. Such is noted. If there's something not...
  8. adz87kc

    Tuning guide

    After discovering that the s15 guide listed in the useful threads section is no longer available I found one listed for the s14/s14a over on sxoc. May be useful for other people who are new to these cars/engines to have a read of it too. Not sure if all the information listed in the thread...
  9. J

    Nismo Smoked Side Repeaters

    Hi, I dont make a habit of univited trading on forums and also i dont carry S15 stock as a rule so i suspect this will be a one off visit unless i buy a S15 when i sell my R33 Gtst which is seriously tempting. I was sent these from Japan in error (i wanted R33 GTR ones!) so they are listed at...