1. Barnesy

    Euro-spec headlights

    Hi guys, I'm hoping some of our European members could help me out! I have imported my S15 from Japan but currently living in Germany for the next 3 years or so. Does anyone know where I can get some LHD headlights? Cheers guys.
  2. W

    Living it up in Japan!

    as the title states, im living it up in Japan, i have roughly a year left. ive had my S15 spec R for 3 years now. i was the first "gaijin" to own an S15 in Misawa, i STILL have the only red S15 in my area.. not that i care about red LOL, i would love for the car to have been blue, gray, or...
  3. S

    What's it like to work in UK?

    I'm thinking of doing OE in mech engineering field and wondering how it is to live and work in UK. you know... general stuff.. tranport, tax, living cost etc...
  4. C

    Hi All S15 owner

    hi everyone i'm allen i'm ad.designer my ride is: nissan c-west s15 01 i'm living in melb, me and some other frd have create a s15 club for ppl who living in melb. hope can meet more ppl who love s15 in here.