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    FS: Very Rare Nismo LMGT4 "17 8.5 / 9.5

    Regrettably I have for sale a set of very rare Nismo LMGT4 forged mono block limited edition wheels. fronts are 17" 8.5J ET 30 rears are 17" 9.5J ET 38 Made in 1999 For those of you who don't know these were a limited edition and offered to R34 owners as an optional extra. In Australia and...
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    nismo S15 Rtune info needed

    guys, anyone know what is the offset of the black LMGT4 that nismo s15 Rtune is using?
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    Jay's 02 Spec R

    Here are some quick ones This is how it looked earlier with mild additions (i.e intake, exhaust etc.) Then i tried these on.. TC005 didnt give me the look i was goin for..so.. There u have it..LMGT4. :) Now, i would like to see what happens if i deck it a bit more:wack: