1. dudley97

    badge and logo

    were could i find a silvia rear badge and nissan badge looked all over the internet and ebay and cant seem to find any for sale many thanks
  2. armouredsnake

    Bride low max Black Logo or Gradation?

    Hi guys As the title says, I'm planning to order a Gias in the next few weeks but can't decide wether to go with the gradation logo or the black logo. I will be only getting one seat for the time being since they cost a bomb :annoyed:
  3. S

    FS: Bride zeta iii bucket seat!(drivers)

    Selling this as ive no use for it...its condition is like new,no fag burns or rips or tears! Comes with bride seat rail attached also! heres a link to what it looks like... http://www.rhdjapan.com/home/product..._package_id=37 Its black in colour with Bride logo in white on front and back...
  4. S

    morning all

    hey all, yes i know by my name i dont own a S15, im an S13 owner and owner of www.s13oc.com (brother site ;) ) :cool: just popped over to say hi and ill be floating around also do you have a logo i could put on my site to link to yours ? oh names Jez by the way 22 from london:wave:
  5. G

    S lightning logo

    does anyone have a hi-res picture of the above did a google but only come up with small blurry pics