1. Lil SpecR

    Recommended dump valves...

    Hello :) Im just looking for which brands people here recommend for their S15s when it comes to replacing their dump valves... IVe seen Horsham developments crop up on here often (for good reasons lol!) and they do a kit - is this good? I see it prevents the suspected boost leak when over 1bar...
  2. jake

    S15 air con

    So sound like my air con pump is make a loud noise Recently had the engine out of the car and was not making the noise before but since going back in it louder Think it could be the belt is to tight or to loss or the tensioner As the more I rev the louder it gets till about 3000 rpm then...
  3. DeviouS15

    Another whiney 6 speed!

    Hi everyone, ever since i picked up my S15 which was 50,000ks ago it had a slight whine coming from the gearbox. Over the years it got louder and louder, so recently i took it to a mechanic and got all the bearings in the box replaced as well as a Xtreme heavy duty clutch and flywheel kit...
  4. Krish

    WTB: Exhaust - louder than HKS silent

    I have an HKS silent at the moment. Looking for something a little louder. Cash or swap Thanks
  5. R-Spec

    FS: S15 6spd gearbox

    Around £480. Has done 80K miles. Full working order changed as was planning the "circlip" mod when I had the clutch done so swapped for spare I bought. Has slow syncro on second (not that most would notice) and a louder than standard output shaft bearing but so's my new box :nod:. Message for...
  6. U

    Spec-S - what exhaust

    What exhaust system would you recommended for the Spec-S? I want something LOUD that doesn't hang too low; meaning the pipe should use the same tunnel as the stock exhaust. I know I wont gain any BHP but I just want it to be louder. I haven't seen anyone selling exhausts for NA S15 in Europe...
  7. G

    Ticking noise

    Just bought s15 non-turbo. There's a strange rattle in engine sometimes when started.It stops when the car is moved a couple of inches with a bit of a louder rattle. Can anyone one explain what this is and how its fixed.From novice s15 owner
  8. J

    Standard replacement.

    Hey, I believe the S15 has 4 speakers, I'd like to replace all 4 with slot in replacements, no fiddling around simply remove the old ones and install the new ones. I'd like some recommendations please, as always louder with improved sound quality would be nice! I don't want them stupidly...