1. J

    What can cause rubbish mpg's and burning a lot of oil?

    I know drift days will always kill my mpg's but day to day driving mine is still poo. i can get about 170 out of a full tank if I'm lucky. Oil wise I have to top every week.... I do around 150miles a week.... Costs me a fortune lol
  2. LuPix_S15

    x3 James x3 Silvias Meet

    Heya, Just posting up some pics I took the other night after the three of us James' (Tooley, JameS15 + me) got together for a meal in Coventry and then went to a multistorey carpark nearby for photoshoot :) Needless to say it was friggin' cold!!! Cheers JameS15 -> Tooley -> LuPix_S15...
  3. R

    Some night shots

    Just spent the weekend washing, claying, polishing and waxing my 15 so last night I thought I'd take it out and get some pics taken, but the problem I always seem to have with last minute shoots is that my damn battery always dies, lucky I brought a mate along and he took the remainder of the...
  4. L

    My two babys

    I thought it was about time I posted up a couple of pics of my cars. Some of you may have seen my drift car in Banzai or Redline this month as we were lucky enough to get a feature in both mags. Anyhow, here they are, I hope you like. From this, To this And from this, To this,