1. tooley

    My Nissan Swagger Daily Beater (Now With R34 Front End)

    Just thought id show you guys my other car as my s15 is not my daily any more. bought myself a series 2 RS4 Was very happy with it! only bad point is the brakes are ****! Fitted my ebc and a fmic now running at 0.8 bar. Got r33 front and rear calipers to fit. The intercooler was...
  2. CMR

    R33 GTR Brembo Bolts

    Had a search and can find a few threads about the above subject, but no definite answers. I know there are a few people on here running GTR Calipers, what are the bolt sizes did you use for the front? I don't want to have to get the standard bolts machined, would rather buy new in the correct...