My S15 in Banzai

    My old S15 is in banzai this month. Comes out today in shops, some of you may have already seen the mag if you were at japfest. If not, you should go buy it :)
  2. Mange

    WTB: OEM Trunk Spoiler

    Hey guys, Im looking for a OEM trunk spoiler for my S15. Preferably in white and great condition ;) but most is of interest. If anyone know where to get one, or has one over please contact me =) I live in Sweden, but shipping shouldnt be a problem. Cheers / Mag
  3. S15AK

    TOTB Japanese performance issue

    I’m in Japanese performance mag this month, page 34 if anyone wants a laugh :o They spelt my surname wrong and get a few mistakes in the small write up though. Looks like I was the only one they picked from the Saturday runners, as most of the other guys were running on the Sunday and had...
  4. S

    What you think about yellow with gold mag?

    I got my eyes on Top secret gold dished wheel (obviously GT-C) on my banana :) you reckon the colour will suit? i can't find any image so can't really draw the picture.... It may or may not be good but i love that mag!! even though it's only 17 but with the right height that shouldn't matter...
  5. J


  6. G

    Just saying hello

    Hi, just joined the forum. Thought I'd say hello. Have been reading through the posts and found them all very informative. For the last three years I've had an Impreza P1, before that a Honda Accord Type R. Now though I am really after some rwd fun. After reading an article in Jap...