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    Hello! I'm from Malaysia

    Hi Everyone! I just got my S15 about a month ago... I'm Steven and I'm from Malaysia :) It's nice to be part of the Nissan Silvia family. I'll upload some pics of my car soon.
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    Silvia lover from MALAYSIA

    Hi everyone, Im silvia lover (die hard S15 fan) from Malaysia, and nice to meet all of you, Im still searching for my Silvia and hopefully will get one soon! :D
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    Hi~ I'm just a S15 Lady Owner from Malaysia =p

    Name : Hara :wave: Gender : Female :o Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My Ride : Nissan Silvia S15 My Prince :) NICE TO MEET YOU :wave:
  4. D

    DET in DE head?

    Pardon me for the stupid question, but can cams which are meant for DET's be used on a DE? I am currently running a S15 SR20DE, and no i have no plans of going turbo as i have another S15 which is a DET (wife's actually!) Cheers! Greetings from Malaysia VJ
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    Hi All, from Malaysia

    Billy 20 Hi All, I am from Malaysia and own as Spec R and would like to join the club. Will upload photos of my Ride soon.
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    Newbie from Malaysia!

    Hi all, Im Sean from Malaysia.. been owning S15 Spec R for almost 2months.. really glad to be the owner of a Silvia.. n nice knowing u all!!:)
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    *babyEve* from Malaysia with her babe S15 Spec-R

    hi guys, nice to know about this community~ hope can learn more about my babe from all the pros around here :smitten: by the way, i'm Eve from Malaysia. here's my s15 photos, just for sharing~ Some Daylight photos~ anyway, nice to meet u guys ^__^
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    Self Intro. from Malaysia

    Heya fellas, New member here from Malaysia hoping to learn more from the Silvia pros around the world. Keep in touch people.
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    Newbie from M'sia

    Hi Guys, Just got hold of an S15 yesterday '01 Spec R. Would love to learn things from the experts here. Cynicks from Malaysia
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    goin malaysia penang

    Hi im off to malaysia and goin to penang im wondering can any one name some places i can look at car parts for my s15 if there is any places there will much apreciated
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    cheaper in malaysia or thailand

    hi im in thailand and from australia im goin to go to malaysia but wont be coming back to thailand. i wanted to know where will it be cheaper for stuff for an s15 im after some stuff roughly wheels, hid kit and coilovers and some other stuff. it will be very helpfull thanks
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    S15s from Malaysia

    Hey guys, Am starting a thread to show you guys S15s from Malaysia. First up would be this car which I saw a few weeks ago and had a short ride in it. This is one of the drifters from Toyo Tires Malaysia, claimed to be 500hp, but didn't feel like it at all. Maybe its in the tune ? *shrugs*...
  13. A

    WTB: Looking for s15 dashboard

    Hi guys, im looking for an S15 dashboard with the sat nav pop up screen. Complete. Offer me a good price plus shipping to Malaysia. Thank you.
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    HI Newbie From Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

    Hi Guys, Im from Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. Finally i got my dream car two weeks ago...This is my first own car after gone thru all the hard time saving up for it. It's a White S15 Spec-R. Will post some pics soon.. Hope to absorb more infos and knowledge from u guys thru this great forum...
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    Tail Light Part Number

    Anyone of you know the the part number for S15 back tail light, right hand side/driver side. I requested from Nissan is already more then a week, they still can't help me to get the part number and price :( Any Malaysia member here can let me know which shop i can order? I'm from Sabah...
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    Newbies from Malaysia Sabah.

    :wave: Hi! Guys, my name is Jerry i'm 29 years old. I'm from Malaysia, Sabah. I have this S15 2001 Spec-R model Automatic transmission :p . I bought this 5 months ago hehehe... :D Vroomm~~!!! :mad: