1. Jaydej

    WAX on Plastics :S

    Hey guys the other day I polished and waxed my car and even with tape managed to get some on the plastics around the windows anyone got any tips on how to remove it?
  2. J

    WTB: s15 wiper stalk

    Hey guys, Anyone have one of these. I managed to fry mine. Cheers
  3. lvaleiron

    6 speed or 5 speed and why?

    This topic is not discuss why one is better than the other mechanically speaking, is just somewhat for me to try to understand why would anyone who is running under 380 bhp would want to switch to a 5 speed?!?! (i just love my new rebuilded 6 speed that's all:D). The reason i'm asking this is...
  4. S

    WTB: Cylinder head or valves & rockers

    Just wondering if anybody has a spare cylinder head or valves & rockers for sale as I managed to kill mine on christmas eve :(
  5. richy200

    Me and tooley drifting pembrey 13/02/2011 VID

    Hey guys saw this video today and was pretty good. The track was riddiculously wet Awesome day, managed to get a 3 car train going also :)
  6. DeanS15

    WTB: needed quite urgently - fuel tank lid/sender unit

    calling anyone breaking an s15, i need the white part that fits into the lid of the fuel tank as i managed to break off one of the fuel hose connections - its the part in the pic. :annoyed: thanks.
  7. K

    Very first trackday for me and car.

    Went to Llandow yesterday (oct 2nd 2010) jointly with the SXOC and The MKIV Supra club and what a great day. I'd not been on a track before, so was a little nervous, but the briefing went well and was well run. I was in the beginner (green) group of course :o. Was nerve-wracking queuing up...

    My new ride!

    MANAGED TO PICK THIS UP LAST WEEK FROM DOVER, ENGLAND What you think?! wheels are for sale if your interested.. theres an ad on driftworks
  9. LuPix_S15

    Japanese Tuning Show (JTS 2010) *PICS & VIDEOS*

    Ok folks :wave: Another set of pics and vids I put together from last Sunday's JTS event (Silverstone). Third year running I've been to same show and must say amount of visitors this time round was much less than the two previous years :( However, it was still a cracking day with BDC on show...
  10. K

    The strip down

    I actually managed to get some time to spend on the s15 (a whole day :D). All suspension gone, tank out etc. Also, managed to get the dash out. Having not pulled one of these out before, it was a bit of a task. Anyway, here is how it looks at the moment. . Still loads to do. Might be...
  11. Topper

    Engine Torque Damper

    Are they any good? Where to get one? I've noticed my engine rocks a little when revved, i have also managed to crack the stock cast manifold, so wondered if one of these would help. Cheers Topp
  12. DeanS15

    managed to get some pics (finally)

    ive managed through some friends taking photos to get hold of some pics of my car. please have a look and tell me what you think or make any suggestions:). when i got the car the wheels and tein flex's/edfc were already on it, and the engine bay was completely standard. ive also added the hks...
  13. Roots82

    OEM Boost Gauge Bulb

    Hey my bulb has blow and i have taken the part number from here to nissan to get a replacement and they have no idea what it is or how to order it! has anyone managed to get one from them? or managed to replace it with any other bulb from somewhere? Thanks
  14. S

    Top of the morning

    Well knida anyway. Thought I'd say hi as i've been lurking unregistered on this site for a while now. Currently looking into buying a new car in about 6 months time and i've been through quite a few changes of mind as to what i'd like. Being 21 with 2ncb in october and spending all my money on...
  15. H

    WTB: wtb: transmission

    I managed to blow up my transmission and therefor i need a "new" one. Anyone here that have a transmission for S15 R?