1. Max

    Throttle body choices

    Hi Looking at upgrading my TB as I upgrade my Intake mani I know the Q45 TB is 90mm OD but the intake mani I have doesn't have that flange, so what I want to know: What is the size of a Spec R TB Is the Spec S any bigger than a Spec R TB? Can I bore out mine or swap on a G20 if I can find...
  2. P

    Heat shield problems

    Heat shield on the exhaust mani is rusted through. Where would the be the best place to get a new one or can I just use bit of heat tape around the mani?....
  3. LuPix_S15

    DW (Japspeed) Turbo Elbow

    Ok guys - just been swearing a bit tonight cos over the past few weeks the exhaust mani area has been blowing like Paris Hilton in a dodgy hotel lol... I was convinced the head/mani gasket was gone as I could see carbon deposits around the third and fourth port etc. However, just spent 2.5...
  4. T

    Irish NCT emissions

    hows things lads, just being to the nct centre yesterday and the car was off on emissions, whats the best way to get them down, I just fitted the standard catalyst converted back thought that would do but yerman recons the emission were way off, do I have to fit the whole old exhaust again...
  5. B

    got a small crack in my mani

    i have a thin crack goin around 1 of the branches of my standard cast mani and i need a new 1, i tried ths performance (where i got my elbow and downpipe from) and they dont have an add to cart option at the bottom. so i tried drift works and they are out of stock so i tried autobahn88 and they...
  6. Topper

    Ever seen this?

    Went on a trackday to Knockhill mid October, after the session, i started the car after having left it sitting, it sounded like a tractor. got her home, took off the heatshield over the manifold, to find this - Got another stock mani (cheers Nicely :thumbs:), couple of local SXOC guys...