1. J

    WTB: S15 ECU urgent!

    Hello all, I desperately need a standard spec -r ECU. Whoever it was that tried to map/chip mine before I got it really made a pigs ear of it. The car is now sat at MB automotive and can't come home until I find a new ECU that Martin can do his thing on. Any sugestions of where to get hold of...
  2. M

    Former S14 owner

    Hi folks. Some of ye may recognise my name from SXOC. I've had a s14a with a good few years. As of the weekend the rust bug has claimed the shell. I'm on the look out now to reshell and I'm considering the s15 route. Only time will tell. Anyway, I'm Martin, I'm from Cork in Ireland.
  3. G

    Newbie looking for advice before buying plus does anyone know this car - T558 BDV

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin and this will be the first s15 I've seen/owned. I've had a skyline before but need someone to give me advice of what to look for specifically in the s15 and if anyone knows this particular car I'm going to look at...
  4. C

    Time for some photos..

    I haven't really posted many pics of either of my S15's on the forum, so time to break the trend. As it was the first dry day we've had here for about a month, I thought a special trip to Birmingham was in order for some photos! Glad to get out of my gay Punto for a while too! Silvia and I...
  5. L

    Now my 15's gone..

    I thought I'd get me one of these. Its a Black edition GTR from Middlehurst that I picked up about three weeks ago. All I can say now its had its optimisation service is OMG!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, I have never driven anything like it before and I thought i'd share some pics with you guys...