1. Parky

    FS: Nismo GT LSD 1.5 way diff for sale

    I have one of these bad boys for sale - 4.083 ratio, comes in casing for S-bodies, with ABS / Speedo sensor, 6 bolt flanges, and I'll throw in matching driveshafts from my S15 for free if needed. £550 including postage, no offers.
  2. superK

    WTB: Ignition switch and matching lock set

    As above for s15, looking for a set working off the same key, Thanks
  3. D

    Wko Matching...

    Any irish lads know anyone really good at matching wko as im lookin to get the rear window spoiler and want too get it done rite the first time. normally got my man in northern ireland to do mine but its too far just too get a spoiler done, Im lookin for someone excellent at spraying...