1. TriniGT

    R32 GTR Booster and MBC Upgrade Problem

    I am running a stock S15 SR20DET engine on my car but I have recently embarked on a Brake upgrade. The fronts are from an R34 GTR (brembos) and the rear are currently from an R32 (Twin pot setup). I have them all up and running and same time I swapped the booster and MBC for an R32 GTR unit as I...
  2. D

    boost lag - causes?

    Hi Guys I've got some pretty crappy turbo lag on the stock T28. I don't hit solid boost until a little over 4200RPM (have an MBC set to approx 1bar) and it doesn't spool 'properly' until about 3500. I've looked down on occasion and seen it at 5,000RPM as 1bar is achieved. I've tightened...
  3. D

    Manual boost controller - irritating issue

    Hey All, Recently pulled my dual stage BC out and put in a simpler MBC, don't need two stages of boost for my daily driver. Thought I'd "keep it simple". The challenge - the MBC seems to 'reset' every time I turn the car off. I do the stop, starting and fiddling to get it to boost and hold...