1. Sandor_

    Newbie from Hertfordshire

    Hello Everyone After years of dreaming and stalking you all, finally importing this NA from Japan. Due in early august. It`s a bone stock year 2000 model, with 90k km on the meter and meant to be a grade 4,5. Lots of plans and work ahead, and with that being said, surely going to need your help...
  2. C

    Spec S owners, you have electric fan?

    Noticed the other day while searching parts that other S bodies have an electric fan that sits inside the cowling. My Oct '01 manual Spec S doesn't have one fitted. Is it meant to have one fitted as standard? It has working AC on it..
  3. Fruitbooter

    Apex Gen 2 comfys

    Looking for comments from people who actually run them and not just speculation.. Are they decent? Im trying to decide between these and paying the £200 odd extra for HSD Monopros. I'm thinking because my car is still up for sale I dont want to plough too much money into it but the suspension...
  4. O

    Vertex Ridge kit

    Hi Anyone know where I can get a Vertex Lang kit that is a good copy?? sorry about the title meant lang not Ridge Thanks in advance :)
  5. T

    standard boost gauge

    Hello , is the standard boost gauge meant to light up ? .
  6. simon

    bee racing b5's -where?

    anyone know where i can find these in europe? or if they are meant to be a good wheel? cheers
  7. xlr8

    Open Event: car show

    Is there anyone from england who could tell me if there is a JAE carshow on around august sometime.lotta lads around my way planning on driving over to it.its meant to be all jap cars.weekend event or something
  8. P

    THS F/Pipe And Elbow Question

    Im ordering one of these in the next few weeks and just want to know if they can be fitted with the car on axel stands or do i need to get it on a proper ramp? Also i know they are meant to be a pain to fit so how long should i give myself to fit it?
  9. J

    Help with the missing hose??

    Just had a good look at my car today and found a hole with no hose connecting to it (see yellow circle). Not sure if this is a problem or is meant to be like this. I have a Apexi air filter on my car. After a bit browsing on the forum, I found pictures from others that having a hose (see Red...
  10. F

    Newbie.....serious about buying.....advice required

    Hello All, :D My name's Dan and I'm about to work for a year in Japan (comencing Feb '06....eeek....trying to learn Japanese language is a nightmare!!!). Fortunately my company will be paying me a bit more for my trouble and I intend to enjoy spending it on a Silvia. I have a friend with...