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    FS: Bigger EBC yellowstuff pads

    I have a set of bigger EBC yellowstuff pads to sell, to be used with 315/330/345 brake kits using nissan calipers, they have more than 50% life left in them. Pads were used with the 315mm discs and have a slight lip because they overhang the discs by 1mm or so. They have done 4 trackdays + 5...
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    FS: Exedy hyper twin plate clutch

    hi, im selling the clutch of my car, i brought it with it in but couldnt handle it (haha) it bites hard but when your going i loved it. its just i drive around alot with stopping and starting which caused me to stall it alot. from what i can see it still has meat on it, ive tried to take photos...