1. S

    CRASH!!!! need a UK mechanic who can fix it!!!!

    UNFORTUNATLY because of a stupid guy on a motorbike was driving down a one way back street... i swerved and hit a pole.... thats all over and done with... i need to find a company or mechanic who can fix my s15.... any help PLEASE!!!!!
  2. silviatub

    Turbo Flange Gasket Leak!

    Hi Mates, I have noticed that the exhaust manifold turbo flange on my S15 is leaking mechanic says this is a common problem on all Nissan, whether its CA18DET or SR20DET...the bolts on the turbo flange comes loose over time...i hear slight ticking sound on idle and when revved...
  3. J

    Changing metal head gasket

    Has anyone done this and know roughly how much labour hours is it for a mechanic?? Also where best to get the Turbo gasket from, NIssam main dealer?? are they same as S14?