1. B

    WTB: S15 Bonnet release cable and latch mechanism

    As above I'm looking for a bonnet release cable for my S15 with the release mechanism. Or just the cable if anybody has one or knows where they can be got? Same as UK 200sx???
  2. M

    My problem part II

    Hi again, After uncovering my car on a lovely sunny day recently I thought I would go out for a spin in the country with the wind blowing in my face, only to discover that while she had been parked up for the winter the rear n/s window had decided it did not want to work. After changing fuses...
  3. mook

    Shortening the handbrake handle

    Is it me or does the handbrake handle seem needlessly long? I'm thinking about taking a good couple of inches out of it, possibly more, and just wondered what the best way to go about it would be. I'm guessing it would want the 'chunk' cut out of the middle somewhere and the end welded back on...