1. S

    WTB: S15 engine wiring harness

    as per title really, anyone have an engine loom for an S15 spec R? I don't need a mint loom as i only need it as a layout starting point for my new loom. not looking to pay mega money for one as it wont be used in anger.
  2. S

    WTB: S15 engine wiring harness

    please delete - duplicate post (bloody PC!)

    How many miles / kilometres

    Has your S15 done and what year is it? Mine has done 47,000km and is 2001 model Is that mega low or normal?
  4. CMR

    FS: Kakimoto Racing Hyper Full Mega N1 + Exhaust for Sale

    As above. I imported this from RHDJapan last summer and it cost £630 + Shipping so around £750. :wack: It has done around 6000 miles. Note, it is not the same as the old Mega N1 which was ridiculously...
  5. LuPix_S15

    FS: Kakimoto Full Mega N1 Exhaust **NOW SOLD**

    Hello, I've just changed my exhaust to an HKS Silent Hi-Power item which means the one taken off (and originally purchased with the car) is now FOR SALE! It's the Kakimoto Full Mega N1 and the reason I changed is because I wanted a quieter exhaust so I can use the car for track days and the...
  6. P

    where to buy an air filter from?

    Hi Guys, I'm in the UK obviously, just wondering where would be the best site to order down an Apexi Power Intake from as I read this site: and I happen to have the HKS Mega Flow lol and when I see sites like that it makes me wanna get...