1. ChrisKnottIns

    Why you should get a Chris Knott quote this summer...

    CAR INSURANCE DUE SOON? Get a quote from partner Chris Knott before 31/8 and you'll be in our Summer draw to win this bundle... Chris Knott's Summer Giveaway - WIN a Chemical Guys 'Best Detailing Kit' 8-Pack QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - please mention this forum when you call so you can access...
  2. C

    hks singapore garage r time attack s15

    This should be of interest to you guys... Timing is about 2'33" with full interior, audio and air-conditioning, not to mention drift-spec Hipermax D coilovers, 2-way LSD and only semislicks tyres during the run...
  3. moomin

    Heat Wrap?

    Just fitted my manifold & elbow on the weekend, hurrah!!!!......wasn't a fun job at all, but its done now!. Anybody know where i can get some good (cheap)....did i mention CHEAP??? heat wrap to go round the manifold?? or something more "home" related i could use as a good substitute??? :wave:
  4. G

    look at this picture

    Hi guys, Do me a favour and look at this pic of a S15 and see if you think it has a sunroof. To me it looks like it does but in the advert for the car it makes no mention of it?
  5. sushiming

    Its My Birthday !!!! 25th!!!

    hey guys thought i would let u know its my 25th today i feel old but not as old as some hey no need to mention any name .... :D