1. P

    FS: S15 Spec R - Aqua Silver Metallic

  2. Silverstreak

    Metallic tapping noise?

    Ok, so I know the SR20 is quite a noisy lump anyway, but mine has developed a rather noisy metallic tapping noise which gets faster with the revs and is most audible when decelerating in low gears. I have just given it it's first proper oil change with Mobil 1 0-40W after running it in for 1000...
  3. M


    I have an excuse to be on here. for those that don't know me, or of my enromous ego (that protrudes from my forehead) I am Mitto aka Mat steele, i drift and i now have an S15, in about the most hideous colour known to man... metallic ginger. It matches my face :)...
  4. J

    A little update on mine

    So I had a little run in with a tyre wall some time ago, this required some creative hammer-craft and new paint. So i'd like to thank the guys at in Adelaide SA for their handy work!. It's a metallic satin red, looks pretty rad in the sun. Well, i think so. :)...