1. G

    WTB: Exhaust mid section and oem diff

    Hi im trying to source an exhaust mid section between the cat and back box ideally a mid box delete. Ive got a kakimito regu and the mid box is shot. Thanks Also im after the spec r oem diff mine came with a nismo 2 way and for daily driving is driving me mad haha. Im based in norfolk so...
  2. K

    Awaiting my first s15

    Hey guys just awaiting my first silvia s15 spec r. Can't wait until it gets here...mid September it will arrive, what's good for power mods?
  3. Shawnhalu

    Mid Or Front Mount I/C setups?

    Anyones here uses a mid-mount I/C Setup? 1. what the differences between the front & mid mount? 2. which location will u choose to set it in? (in between rad and a/c? or infront of a/c, rad and a/c remain same stock location) 3. better choices between the 2? thinking of changing a setup...
  4. Topper

    Which Exhaust

    Swapping out my de-cat for the Cat to get her ready for MOT, checked the whole system to make sure it wasnt blowing, found a snapped bolt on the rear muffler :rolleyes:, I now have the box off but the bolts are rusted to the flange. Yes I could drill it out etc and put it all back together...
  5. MrSilvia

    Good day ... all s15oc!

    Hi ... I am from malaysia. I own a pearl white s15 spec-R for more than 1 year. For the pass 1 year, I did fix some parts here & there. Currently, use as daily car & quite a mid heavy petrol drinker. :annoyed: Will post some photos of my babe later .... Gan bade .. mina san!
  6. F

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia - car coming soon

    Hey guys, thought I should register seeing as I read the forums a lot...I've ordered a JDM S15 for myself and it should be here mid January, it did miss the first boat but I've been told that it made the 2nd one :) will post some pics once it gets here! Thanks Ryan