1. C

    S15 from Sweden

    Skickas från min iPhone via Tapatalk
  2. S

    Idle issues after head gasket replacement

    So I got my car back on Tuesday after getting the head gasket replaced. I also had the inlet manifold gasket and exhaust manifold gasket replaced. My issue now is everytime I start my car up, it'll idle around 1200-1500 for a min, then drop down and fluctuate between 550ish-1100ish. At first I...
  3. Miss S15

    s15 wanted in ireland

    Right I just said id pop this up and I know I might be pushing my luck. Myself and friend James are looking for an s15 for around 4 to 5g I know this is feck all but it will be a project between us and at the min this is all we can come up with. An s15 considered. Shoudl be a spec r. So if...
  4. V

    finally joined the darkside

    i picked this up at the weekend it was owned by another member on here, i absolutly love it, just needs a few small bits done and it will be up to perfect condition, the pics dont do it justice like all the cars on here really has to be seen, it will be getting new wheels eventually im just...
  5. T

    diagnostic port

    Hi can anyone please tell me where the diagnostic port is on an s15,im having a bit of trouble at the min and need to get it checked out thanks.