1. NICKO

    WTB: 2X Front Hub Nuts

    Im looking for 2x front hub nuts for my S15, must been in good condition with minimal damage to the folding edge, cheers
  2. Jay-pan

    FS: Few items for sale, bumpers, radiator, fogs, lights.

    * S15 Aero Fog lights, glass all intact no damage. Bulbs present didn't have a switch to turn them so couldn't test them but cant see why they wouldn't work mint condition £30 collected * S15 standard radiator, no leaks minimal fin damage from a 2001 S15. £10 * S15 standard intercooler with...
  3. T

    S15 towpack???

    after selling my s15 last year and pimping out a VW van for MX bikes, im bored again, just wondering if a tow bar is availabile to suit the S15? total weight of trailer and bike would be minimal (prolly 400 Kg) just need something to get to the track. if anyone can help out that would be awsome...
  4. J

    Oil from BOV

    Just picked up a S15 from Japan and it has 114km on the clock and noticed today that there is oil (very minimal) coming from the BOV, is this a sign of the gaskets in the turbo on their way out?