1. Sims77

    Grey on M6 Southbound Stafford

    Reg plate ended in VAO I think. It was about 30 mins to an hour ago. We were in a loud Accord Type R
  2. J

    Help please !

    Hello I hope that I could get some help, My s15 started getting hot it got to nearly red slight steam from rad but reserve bottle was boiling. I had to put 2 litres of water in it after but oil seems to be at same Level so don't think its mixing, it seem to have pressure in rad and the top of...
  3. P

    VCT Rattle, solutions?

    MY S15 has developed the dredded VCT Rattle, was only quiet a few weeks ago, it's starting to get unbearable when poking my head in the engine bay when I just start it, normally taked 10-15 mins at idle to go away.. or 5 mins driving.. So I was woundering what I should do or what it could be...
  4. sliding-r

    Awesome touge video- 20 mins.. Must see

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j_VJ2hpMS0&feature=youtube_gdata_player I've seen touge videos before but this has to one of the best, crammed with s15's aswell
  5. S

    Steering wheel removal?

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone could tell me how to remove the airbag steering wheel to fit an uprated one. Is it the usual sort of thing, of disconnecting the battery for bout 10-20 mins before removing the airbag, and will I have a warning light up on the dash without the airbag wheel etc...
  6. xlr8

    Gearbox oil?

    saw this video and does anyone know what the reason is for putting oil into the gearbox this way?always thought the gearbox oil was replaced from the side of the gearbox itself? its at around 7 mins 49 secs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaBeGw_Z93U
  7. Z

    one off high knock reading

    the other morning on my way to work, after driving on the highway for 20 mins i came off the highway drove at speed limit (60 km/h) for 5 mins then was heading back onto the highway so put my foot down reached 6700 rpm and noticed my engine light flash once, checked my knock reading and it was...
  8. G

    SR20DET Juddering

    Hi all, I cant recall which thread it was with some suggestions given to solve my misfiring after cold start. 1) I have replace all 4 plugs and it still misfires.:cry: 2) I have replace all 4 coils with Splitfire - the juddering reduced but its still there at 2000rpm but stopped after 5...
  9. J


    Just spent a few mins updating my profile on here and added my Myspace url. Just wondered if any of you other good people are on there.