1. Lil SpecR

    JapFest - The S15 photos!

    Some of the S15s I saw yesterday! Apologies if I didnt get yours, the show was massive and I am sure I missed loads, I also didn't get a chance to get the 3 on the stand in front of ours either (sorry if you're on here lol!) First off - our stand! And the others... V8 :-o...
  2. Lil SpecR

    How to pay up?

    Please dont get mad at me if I have missed something obvious: Who do I contact about paying? I see how to make the payment but it says "contact admin" to tell them address etc for stickers, but it doesnt mention user names of those who are admins, and when i clicked on the S15Admin who wrote...
  3. K

    WTB: Wanted s15 spec r

    As the title says really, iv saved some cash up now, so now im looking for a s15 spec r. let me know guys, iv missed tons of decent ones, but now i really want one now
  4. sliding-r

    WTB: S15 rear spats

    These have proved quite hard to find.. saw a set go for £60 on driftworks a few months ago.. missed it by a few hours :cry: Help please!
  5. P

    Missed out on full Aero S15

    Just last week I missed out on my perfect S15. :cry: Here she is... Full Aero Kit (Spats/Skirts/Bumper/Wing) Auction Grade 4, Interior grade A 38k Miles I placed a bid of 1.65 Million Yen which is around ?7k. But the car went for 1.8 Million Yen (?8000) which is out of my budget. After...
  6. D

    Prodrift Irl Round 6 photo's

    Last weekend in Rosegreen, Tipperary. I missed this round cos i was too busy to go.. Shame i missed looked like good day. Darren McNamara won in his SR20 Cam. Here's some pics. Miquel's mighty S15 :notworthy: That's Eric O Sullivans AE86 with a S2000 engine fitted. Derek
  7. A

    100,000 km service

    My s15 is getting there... are there any thing special that needs to be done at this service? I don't suppose the timing chain needs to be touched. So if I've already done brakes, gearbox/diff, brake, coolant, plugs around 20000km ago, and the usual oil change every 5000km. What have I missed?