1. S

    A/C suddenly cycling through modes?

    I started having an issue with my A/C a few weeks ago. While the A/C is on, it cycles by itself to a different "MODE" every minute or so. By that I mean, if I have it set to blow through the upper vents, it will switch "MODE" and start blowing through the bottom vents, then switch to both, then...
  2. A

    WTB: S15 ignition barrel

    Hi I'm here because I'm desperatly looking for a S15 ignition barrel, mine is now brocken/locked (my key cannot enter inside) and so, my car is sleeping in the garage.... If anybody here has this (ref AS54) or know where I can find it (webshop, a S15 in breaking mode, or anything else)...
  3. A

    Climate control (air flow mode door)

    Hi! Tried to do a forum search, but found nothing similar, so I'm asking for your help. I have a S15 with digital climate control box. Recently I noticed that air flow direction didn't change (feet/front/windshield). And I can see that air direction latch is not moving when I press mode button...
  4. tooley

    Anyone own a Blitz Duel SBC Spec R boost controller?

    Right i have had these on my last two cars, and still to this day playin arround with the boost measurements. Anyone on here got one? if so it would be interesting to see what settings you have programmed. Since i have a low boost mode then a low spool mode, a medium boost mode and a high...
  5. E

    Apexi PowerFC on basic mode?

    hi guys, I got a used Apexi PowerFC on hand and planning to get it install shortly. The problem is since I also plan to fit few more mods later in the year, is it safe if I just install the PowerFC for now (put in basic mode), run for few months and get it mapping afterwards? my current mods...
  6. K

    Heater mode selction failed.

    Hi all. Has anyone had the mode selection fail before? When i select it it switches between screen/vents/feet etc, but it does not physically change. I hear a tiny click and that's it. I think the unit is ok as the fan and everything else works. Could someone shed any light? Also, where...