1. B

    My new car, Skyline R34 GTR

    Picked this up last Thursday, been wanting one for a long time, so got the courage to import one from Japan myself! Not many pictures but will update when it's registered! No spec at the moment as its completely stock, not one modification with 1 owner from new, I've got an exhaust on its way...
  2. C

    FS: S15 dump valve with internal modification

    I have my original dump valve here. It has an internal modification - the small hole which causes boost leaks at higher boost levels has been blocked off. This all means you can run more boost on the stick valve/pipe work. £20 delivered
  3. D

    Modification to the front bumper nissan silvia s15.jpg what you guys think about the modification? and if anyone has done it upload some pictures
  4. W

    My S15 in Germany

    1999 Silvia S15 bought in Japan and continue the modification in Germany. "[/img] Thank you for looking.:)
  5. D

    Polish guy in Scotland driving Japanese car :)

    Hi Everybody My name is Greg, I come from Poland, live in Glasgow, drive Nissan S15 spec R. It is very clean configuration, just one modification - BOV. That's all from me, hope photos will upload ;)
  6. V

    FMIC..greddy ls spec v.s blitz lm

    right lads and lassies these are the two i hav in mind, does anybody on here hav one and how do they find it?? was there much modification needed in fittin etc, all help appreciated dave
  7. S


    Sorry it's not a Silvia... lol It's my 2002 Nissan 200sx SPEC S :D Pretty standard except for some swaybars and some lowered springs (which came with the car when i bought it a few years ago) I like to think driving it lots is a modification, so... i drive it lots with a bit of track work and...
  8. slammedmind

    greddy intake pleninum

    Ok so im thinking about going for one of these, but the problem is i see that there is modification required for it to fit. My question is has anyone fitted one, and if so what modification did it need if any to make it fit? thanks Rob