1. M

    Newbie, looking to buy first s15

    Hi, im looking at buying an s15 spec r and just had a few questions before i juml in and buy one, any help and advice is appreciated! Firstly, are there any common faults to look out for when buying? Whats build quality like What is the standard engine performance like? I know its not going to...
  2. M

    Tow hooks

    Sure its been covered on here before but the search is not giving me any help sorry. All im after is a recommended tow hook to fit at the front Maybe something like this Also if anyone has any pics of...
  3. ali619

    The insurance thread

    Just saw this on acouple of other forums that I'm on, and it seems to help new guys in what insurance companies will insure S15's and at how much. Insurance company; Third party or fully comprehensive; Modifications declared; Age of driver; Location; NCB; Penality points Cost of insurance per year;
  4. D

    Where to get alternator parts

    I need to order a voltage regulator for my alternator, I have the part number (somewhere) but can't find a supplier. The full s14 alternator has a different part number, can I use one of them and if so, will I need any other items or modifications to make it work?
  5. V

    Will these wheels fit ?

    Front: 18x8 +20 Rear: 18x9 +20 Does it need any modifications to fit my s15?
  6. A


    I think to make modifications in Suspension.... so what do you think about this rear KIT: Or this parts: (very nice... I think I will buy it)...
  7. F


    i was thinkin that most modifications we all carry out on our cars are fairly expensive (e.g) fmic, bov, engine mods, body kits, wheels etc.,etc. so i got to thinking why not post a thread and invite people to post modifications that they have made to their cars for under $200 aus. and see what...