1. bzh kevin


    Hi everyone, I am kevin . I have been a happy s15 owner for the past few weeks and I hope It will remain this way . Here is my car (sorry, it needs a good clean) : I will try to upload better pictures when I get a chance to take some . The car is standard apart from some fancy ICE...
  2. S


    Hi Guys I am business owner developing a promotional ride I am the owner of a 02 GT since new (untouched) and won't advice from you as to best Modify her and turn her into a show stopper (totally transform currently auto as well)
  3. K

    6 speed in a spec s?

    Dose anyone know if its possible to fit a 6 speed box from a turbo into my spec s? Would i have to modify the mounts or whats the story. Thanks,
  4. S

    Harness on a S15

    hi thinking of purchasing a harness for my car. any s15 here put one on be4? do i need to modify anything or can anyone show me where exactly to mount a 4point harness? cheers!