1. B

    Russia with Love

    Hi, My name is Serge I'm from Moscow, here's my Silvia
  2. P

    pa_sha's s15 from Moscow

    Hi there Ma name is Pasha and this is my White s15 2002 specS already specR (Thanks to guy from Moscow - Burnout) Some photos Bought it from some russian Useless dude Than some photos of it in the beginnin of the summer first one with my daily car Than got myself BBS rs wheels (that was a...
  3. Burnout

    Burnout - s15 - v8/ls1- silvette

    Greetings to all. I from Moscow, the owner s15. The car was bought from the Japanese auction one year ago.. First day in Moscow Now it looks approximately so. With friends In the future I am going to SWAP Sr20det p.s. I am sorry for my English :o
  4. S

    New S15 Varietta Owner

    Hi all, My name is Yury, I'm from Moscow, Russia. My Varietta Photo in Japan: the first photo in Russia:
  5. A

    Dori Dori in Moscow =)

  6. A

    Maxi Night in Moscow

    In Moscow was Maxi Night party. Here is video of my driving: (10mb)
  7. A

    Japfest in Moscow

    Here are fotos from Japfest in Moscow: soon will be upload my little drift video there =)