1. crazymat666

    Wind screen Washer motors wanted.

    As the title says I am after the motors for the front and rear windscreens for my mot in a month or so. If anyone could point me out in right direction Il be great full
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    starter motor help

    my starter motor's stuffed and i cannot find where it is can someone explain where it is?
  3. adz87kc

    Super GT on tv?

    Does anyone know where i can watch the Super GT (formally the JGTC) on the tv or tinternet? It used to be on Motors TV but not anymore :( :down:
  4. subzero

    Meet: SXOC/SO/IMOC/FTO-I Inter-Club Meet - Sun 14 June

    CathyR33's organised a meet between ourselves,, The Irish Mitsubishi Owners Club and FTO-Ireland. Taken from Cathy's thread here: "This meet will see Nissan's finest motors, meeting Mitsubishi's finest motors. So far, the clubs confirmed to be attending the meet are...
  5. Nicely

    New mirror and power fold replacement guide

    Finished my guide for replacing electric mirror motors and power fold motors. :) Guide