1. J0R04N

    FS: My daily 1997 Peugeot 306 1.9TD £500

    Selling my daily as i am upgrading to something with cruise control :) only use it to drive up and down the motorway. It has 140k on the clock which sounds alot but these things go well over 200k before they die. It comes with 12 months MOT and 4 months Tax. Easy 50+ MPG on the motorway. Clean...
  2. I

    problems @ WOT

    ok, had my car for about 5months now and it hardly gets driven hard, 3/4 throttle max when overtaking otherwise 1/4 throttle most of the time. anyways, my mate asked if he could take it for a spin, i said ok. off we go, i was in the passenger seat and god does it feel different, feels like i...
  3. japmadlad


    We are snowed in over here. Its crazy & to make matters worse they don't seem to have heard of gritting the roads in the republic of Ireland.:wack: I spend a fun filled evening with paddy driftin round a big empty carpark & roundabout in a shopping retail park in drogeda. great craic :D...