1. C

    Hopefully be S15 owner soon :)

    Hey folks. My name is Sam, im 20, Currently driving a stripped EP3 Type R but looking to make the move to the SR20DET beast that is the S15 early next year :)
  2. DeviouS15

    Rattling brake pad pins...

    Hi guys, im just wondering if anyone else here that has the standard spec r front brakes has ever had a problem with the brake pins causing a terrible rattling noise when driving over sudden bumps or drops on the road surface at low speed? I can grab the tops of the brake pads (while the cross...
  3. T

    When looking for a S15

    Hi people, Im new to this site :wave:. Thought I would join as I want to buy a S15. I have never really looked into them but have always loved the look of them. I have owned e36 bmw`s fot the last 5 years and now its time to move on and a S15 is the only car I want. Anway I'm after advise...
  4. Fruitbooter

    Please dont tell me my gearbox is on its way out..

    Okay first.. When in 5th and you let off the acc you can here a clunk...not a loud one but enough to hear and it doesnt do it in any other gear...sounds like its coming from the front of the car to apposed to the diff.. Second - Did a long trip today (100ish miles) and towards the end after...
  5. S

    headlight adjustment

    hey all, Is there a way i can reset the headlight aim adjustment to factory? i tried adjusting my headlights and now i can't get it right. I tried following the s15 manual but it's not helping. Its hard to drive at night when i can't see anything. I've put back the stock headlight bulb (had...
  6. W

    DC2 to an S15 - anyone made this move? opinions?

    Hey folks, First time poster... I've been considering my options of new cars recently as my DC2 is going to end up costing me more in the long run what with the typical honda bodywork etc. I've always been a fan of the S15 but didn't realise how little you can get a Spec S for. Would love to...
  7. I

    Installing ARC FMIC

    Just about to head out ot the shed and start fitting my ARC intercooler just wana know can i do this on my own? what tools do i need? and how long will this take me? please help!! If anyone has pics let me know i realy neeed em such as where to cut and what to move
  8. DeanS15

    WTB: glove box door

    in as excellent condition as possible, for as good a price as possible. mine has 2 small screw holes from edfc installation but is otherwise perfect, if you are preparing a drift car and it wouldnt bother you i can do a swap + some cash your way as i wish to move my controller:)
  9. ichi-go

    Adjustable Rear Camber Arms

    Hey guys, I'm sure you guys had fitted one of these. I'm gonna tackle mine soon so a couple of questions before I start. When you put it in, how do you set it? As in do I need to leave any thread for the alignment? A - This should be the locking nut so that the thread doesnt move around...
  10. S

    Been offerd a part/ex with 85trueno??

    As above ive been offerd a 85 corolla coupe as a part ex for my s15 spec s...hes lookin for 9500 for hes an ive mine for sale for 11500,what do people think..would i be mad to take it as ill be selling it straight away again as im hopin to move to oz in the new year! which do u think would sell...
  11. J

    whats my boost gauge upto?

    Been trawling through the old posts but cant find any answers so a fresh look please people. The boost gauge on mine intermitedly works, one minute its fine then sweeps upto 1 bar then back to 0 where it rests till a restart or a switch on and off on the move. But today it has stayed dead in...
  12. C

    Bringing another one back from the dead ....

    Hi All, My first post here but I've been lurking for a while :) My lil brother Martin already has a pair of Spec R's One for road & one for drift so when my business partner Tom & myself were given the opportunity to buy a damaged S15, we thought it was about time for a new project so with...
  13. A

    new in swindon

    Hello, new here, also a member of, don't really post much.... heres my car, prob be up for sale shortly...time to move on.