1. darcyjohan

    Ohio! From Aus QLD :D

    Heres my specR S15. I can't drive it on the road yet because i'm still on my P's so the plan is to take it drifting sometime! Also in the time i have before i can legally drive it I will be cleaning it up and making some more mods :D Few specs: cp pistons eagle h beam rods hks step2...
  2. C

    Just moved to Japan and bought an S15 :)

    I just moved from Las Vegas to Okinawa Japan :wave: Just purchased a bone stock Spec S Here are some pics. :) I love how its 100% stock not 1 ding not 1 scratch no joke original paint. Not one ounce of aftermarket yet. Starting from a perfect platform. I really just want to put brand new...
  3. Ozone

    Save our racing tracks! - UK nationals

    Petition to stop people whinging about noise from venues and activities which have been there for years, just because they've bought a house there recently and they want nothing to happen in the world, ever. Think of that old git that moved next to Castle Combe and tried to get it closed down...
  4. G

    Meet: West Malaysian S15 owners, pls visit here:

    We like to meet you.:wave: Here's what we can do together... - Group convoys, - Night drifting, - Spirited drives. - Tracking, - or just simple ole teh-tarik session TT which we can yak about anything under the moon : 1) Gunner93 2) Silviatub 3) Auxoura (Sold Car Moved On) 4) Kazama (Sold...
  5. kimi

    Co-ordsport New Premises contact details

    Please note that as from the 18th Feb ?08 we will have new telephone and fax numbers which will be as follows: PHONE: 0121 661 6263 FAX: 0121 557 1969 Also as of the same date we will have moved premises, the address is as follows: Co-ordSport Ltd. Unit 1, Cleton Business Park Cleton...
  6. C


    Hi, nice to meet you guys. I probably know some of you guys from already. I've had a bit of cars but it took a while to realise that the S15 is my kind of car hahhaahaha. Heres what i went through to find the right car First car - pretty slow and ricey so i moved onto this...