1. A

    How to helical and viscous

    Hello everyone How to know if car have Helical or Viscous LSD? Anything to test it? Like wheel moving and direction? Thanks
  2. phillll

    Juddering when pulling away...

    Hi guys, the 15 has developed a bit of a problem. When in traffic and pulling away in 1st the car shakes and judders pretty violently. Nothing happens when moving etc, just when in 1st and releasing the clutch. Anyone know what'll be wrong with it? Clutch fooked? cheers all :)
  3. CMR

    Changing the boost gauge

    I know there is a sticky, but have a quick question. When replacing the standard for a Defi / Depo / etc, does the 60mm gauges people use have the same mounting holes on the back of the gauge as the standard one? or how do people stop it moving? Reason I ask is I bought a 52mm one as I didn't...
  4. Suspect

    Moving to Wiltshire

    Right the wife and I are moving to Wiltshire, had it with Essex property is far to expensive for what it is and its just not green enough! So I am looking for any info you guys have on garages in the area. Places to go to get work done and places to avoid at all costs! Are there many if any...
  5. mint

    My D1 Shots.. the ones i never posted..

    Yup.. All the writting crap is on my blog. Please check the rest of the shots out and let me know your thoughts.. as i dont really usually do moving pics lol. Nite all!
  6. LuPix_S15

    Stock Boost Gauge Problem

    Hi folks :wave: My stock boost gauge (on the A-pillar) has been working a treat until recently :( There's still power to the gauge cos the amber light always comes on ok at night etc. However, I've noticed that the needle will sometimes drop to -7 on the gauge and no amount of revving or...
  7. Big Ned

    Gear shifting question

    Hi, I've not had my S15 long so I thought I'd ask others about this one. Does anyone else find that it's quite stiff to put the car into 1st or 2nd gear when the cars moving (at low speed obviously e.g. coming up to a roundabout) when the car is still warming up? I hope that made sense.
  8. S

    nuts weight

    Who can explain the differenece between moving weight and stationary weights? Nuts, rims, tyres, hubs and etc are considered to be moving weight(I think there is a specific name for it) Anyway for example, wheel weighs 16kg with tyres but if compared, its value is much more than what it should...