1. B

    WTB: hks universal muffler

    Cat back exhaust anyone got one lying around
  2. S

    Car jolting like kangaroo

    so i replaced my centre peice muffler as it was cracked and crokey and sounded like ****. after replacement everything sounds great until you push the pedal lil more then 10% it starts bouncing back and forward like its struggling my tuner has been a **** around. before muffler apparently my...
  3. Topper

    Which Exhaust

    Swapping out my de-cat for the Cat to get her ready for MOT, checked the whole system to make sure it wasnt blowing, found a snapped bolt on the rear muffler :rolleyes:, I now have the box off but the bolts are rusted to the flange. Yes I could drill it out etc and put it all back together...
  4. C

    HKS Hipower Muffler S14 and S15

    Hello guys. Just gauging interest here for the new HKS mufflers. These are the HKS Hipower mufflers with adjustment for the ride height and the noise. If there is an interest we can set up a group buy or something for these . Some details : Hi-Power Muffler for S14/S15 Silvia/200SX...
  5. C

    FS: HKS Hi-Power cat-back exhaust - S15 fitment

    HKS Hi-Power exhaust for sale You can't buy this system for the S15 anymore as HKS have discontinued it a few years ago. They still make it for the S14 but it is not the same as the S15 version. The muffler has a JASMA certification plate on it and does not have the 2.5" restriction that...
  6. lvaleiron

    Muffler question!

    Hi, i'm about to buy a new exhaust muffler for my car, but i've seen some options and i can't decide what to buy, i was looking at the HKS Hi-power or Apexi N1, and some others, also i've seen ebay mufflers that go around 30usd, are they good, has anyone here used one of those???, what...
  7. seilow

    exhaust muffler

    hi exhaust muffler is the same for the spec r and s ?? thanks