1. A

    Underground music

    Anyone into the underground / unsigned music scene in the UK on here?
  2. Yakozan

    Video: My latest music video

    Recorded a song me and my band played last week. Sorry for the bad quality, we didn't use expensive camera equipment but I think it turned out pretty good especially after a friend of mine edited the video :D Not everyones taste in music though, but let me know what you think. The song is Beer...
  3. J

    Drift on YouTube!

    Hey peeps. I found this on YouTube... I like Linkin Park! So the music is great and some of the effects that have been used look great too...
  4. Robbyp

    tranny or granny!

    Ha check out this quiz pure awesome got 11/16 in it. Also try the gash or tash one ha 16/16 oh i feel good ha the music is awesome to
  5. B

    Favourite tunes right now?

    As the topic says... What music are you listening to at the moment? :)