1. sibbers

    WTB: Decent non sat nav dash local to Middlesex/Surrey

    My dashboard has a Jdm sat nav that's flocked and just looks daft not being used so I fancy the idea of switching it out. Thought I'd throw this out just in case someone nearby has one going. No rush, but it's definately on the to do list.
  2. J

    WTB: Wanted Sat nav disk for my s15

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the Sat nav disk for my s15. I have downloaded the file but am struggling to burn it. can someone copy there's and send me a copy as Kong as it works? I will pay for postage. I too want to see that I am in the sea! Lol
  3. G

    jap pioneer sat nav

    jus got my s15 with a pioneer dvd/mp3/sat nav and surprise surprise its all in japanese! anyone know is there any software you can get to change this over to european maps? i know this has been talked about before but that was with the OEM sat nav as far as i know
  4. S

    HELP - Stereo Install

    Hi, I have finally got round to changing my factory unit but have hit a glitch. The car came with sat nav and there are blocks with too many wires to understand! Does anyone know which wires I need to access for power/speakers and also is the aerial a two pronged connector? If it is can I get...
  5. P

    jdm dvd sat nav

    is it possible to retro fit a dvd/ sat nav system which came as an op extra on jdm s15, into my car which doesn't have it?? this a picture of one that newera had in there s15