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    S15 Purchase advice

    Hi guys, need some advice on a car i am looking at. owner says He is the 2nd owner (multiple owners because of irish tax transfer? I am not familiar with this can anyone explain to me how this would work or if it is BS) Does anyone on here perhaps know the car? Owner says NCT would not be a...
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    S15 in westmeath, ireland - do you know it?

    Hi everyone new to this site and i am hoping to become a s15 owner, please if you done mind check this add out and let me know your opinions If anyone knows anything about the car please let me kno. Its 3,800, but i think its a bit steep i had a...
  3. P

    WTB: s15 airbag control module

    hi am looking for to buy a driver side airbag for my s15 or if someone can point me to where i would be able to get 1 as i live in ireland and need it to pass nct test
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    Kind of a strange part needed....

    Wondering where I would get the plastic tube part with the cover on top for the water holder for the windscreen squirters. You can see it in this pic, adz's engine,just beside the battery, without it I think the nct will fail it.
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    Failed Nct Emisson Test

    Hi lads went to the Nct today and the car failed on NCT the car only has an Exhaust. Still running standard mani and standard cat. Wat do u guys reckon i should get done so i get the emission sorted on her.
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    NCT and respray

    My nct is up on the car and just have a few questions. I need to put in a catalytic convert so was wondering what other Nissan models have the same type convert that I can stick in. Also I have got the car remapped, and 850 injectors along with a Blitz SBC i-Colour boost controller and...
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    Irish NCT emissions

    hows things lads, just being to the nct centre yesterday and the car was off on emissions, whats the best way to get them down, I just fitted the standard catalyst converted back thought that would do but yerman recons the emission were way off, do I have to fit the whole old exhaust again...
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    NCT Failure

    well lads, jus did the nct test this evenin (irish version of MOT) an the car failed on 2 small things. first was the parking bulbs, they said they were blue but clearly when you take then out of the housing they cudnt be more white :no:. also they said the flexible brake piping is too loose. do...