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    S15 Front End and SR20 DET in 96 Neon

    Any one wanna give me any ideas on wat i would have to do to make this possible? i wanted a project and i thought about this one and i think it would be very unique once is done. And also wat would i need to make a Neon RWD? cause when i put the SR20 in i will have to have it RWD.
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    S15 Front End on a 96 Neon anyone wanna see one created?

    Anyone in the forum wanna see an S15 Front End on a 96 Neon? and also i am plannin to put an SR20 DET in it. anyone got on any ideas make it possible? or wat i would even bollocking need?
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    Wires that turns lights on when I open the car.

    I would like to know where the wire is that lights the interior light on when I enter the car. Also when I turn off the car it remains for 30 sec. and 30 sec after I close the door. I think it's one of those blue neon that comes as factory option. I have simliar one but it's done manually so i...