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  1. C

    I'm new on here

    Nice to meet you all. I'm Stetson, currently living in Japan. I bought my 99 Spec-S last October for my birthday. I've enjoyed it quite a bit but still haven't decided what exactly to do with it. I've been bouncing around from track toy, sleeper, or straight Furious 7 Charger type rally car...
  2. Barnesy

    Hi all

    Hi guys and gals :wave: I'm Barnesy and I've registered with the forum to get to know you people and start to learn about S15's. I've just won one at auction in Japan via an import company and I'm currently waiting for it to be sent to port and leave Japan on the 20th, so fingers crossed it'll...
  3. I

    Any S15 owners from Adelaide, South Australia?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and just wanted to know if there's any members from Adelaide, South Australia? Just looking to meet and get to now some new people from around my area. I'm also looking to get a group together for cruise runs every few months depending on how many S15 owners...