1. S

    Forum newbie with newbie questions :)

    Hi all, I have recently started looking for a new car and have become hooked on finally buying an S15. I will be 25 soon and was looking at options in the 300-400bhp range such as the 370z, M235i, Golf R, E46 M3. Since I was a kid I have loved old JDM cars and the Silvia was always my favourite...
  2. B

    Newbie Ireland

    Hi all, newbie from Ireland here! Currently bidding on S15's in Japan while hoping the missus doesn't find out!:D Have a few jap classics in my collection such as Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, Subaru Impreza V4 STI and currently hoping to add an S15!
  3. A

    Newbie considering buying S15

    Hi, I am Andy from Edinburgh in Scotland. I currently drive a Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 but for various reasons I am considering buying a Spec R S15 aero Silvia. I would be looking for one with low miles (50,000 or less) that has not been abused with few modifications although basic things like...
  4. D

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hi guys, Newbie from Galway, Ireland. I'm currently in the market for an s15 spec r preferably in pewter grey or white. If anyone is selling in Ireland please pm or email me. I look forward to learning more about these cars and more than likely be asking a lot of questions :) David
  5. gazzaspencer


    hi guys and girls i like to introdue myself to your forum the names Gaz im the newbie and im a speed freak:wave: so after looking on this site an unhealthy amount recently, toying this the idea of selling my first love, a "sensible" toyota starlet gt daily (no chav jokes please) and buying an...
  6. C

    Any owners near Coventry? Looking to view S15 and experience before buying.

    Hello all, After some hard work - I'm now in a position to buy a s15 spec R! But I've only seen photos of them and never seen/sat in one in reality. I was wondering if anybody in or near Coventry could help me decide if this is the car for me? It will be really helpful if I get to see and...
  7. Jaydej

    exhaust system confusion

    hey people sorry to be a pain but, i have been reading threads all day and i cant come to a conclusion. i just want to get it clear for me and any other newbie. What fits from S14 and S14a 3" exhaust? Elbow ? Downpipe ? Decat ? Catback ? any help would be amazing! thanks
  8. J

    Hello from Herts

    Hi Guys I'm a newbie my name is Jorge I'm 22 years old and have always loved S15's and finally this year I have managed to afford to get one, about 3 months ago I contacted GT Torgue to see if they could find me one as I had no luck looking myself, about 3 weeks ago they worked their magic and...
  9. S

    1999 sr20de

    hi guys and girls, i'm new here and this is my silvia. 1999 white spec s Engine: - aftermarket air filter - fk performance oil catch tank - aftermarket leads - iridium spark plugs - jasma manifold - full stainless exhaust with kakimoto backbox - chrome brake fluid, power steering and fuse box...
  10. O

    Irish Mid-land newbie!!!!

    Hi guys , just thinking of joining the S15 crew after the weekend if all goes well with the price and stuff.... Looking forward to maybe attending some meets and nice to know i can get some parts and stuff from here.. For Irish people, i'm from longford, rosscommon direction.
  11. A

    Newbie from Melbourne

    Hello all. I thought its time for an intro. My names Abhishek. ive recently purchased an S15 and learning heaps about them and the SRinside! I tend to do alot of mechanical stuff on my own so if I find something out ill post it on the forums. cheers Abhishek
  12. P

    Newbie from Galway Ireland

  13. R

    Newbie from the U.S.

    Just looking to buy a s15 that stateside if anyone knows of one anywhere in the U.S please let me know thanks
  14. NICKO

    Newbie In Town :P

    Hey all, Yes im a newbie around here :o but im hopefully soon to be an owner of an s15 silvia R Spec if I can find a decent one for sale :nod: Anyways im sure I will enjoy my stay and hope to share info and other things in the future :) cheers, NICKO.
  15. Y

    S15 question (newbie)

    Hi all, I am new to s15 ownership and have some general queries. does anyone know what this plug is for in an Australian Delivered Model 2001 S15? Its on the drivers side of the engine on the radiator fan shroud/casing near the battery. Its a grey plug,i saw that it was unplugged and plugged...
  16. fadli256


    greeting from brunei
  17. sands

    not so new newbie irl

    hi everyone, not so new newbie hear richard from co kilkenny ireland. s15 sper r owner since last may bout the last time i had any money to cant stop myself buying for the car since got it. on hear since bout april mostly just searching and reading up on anything needed to know dunno what...
  18. Nicely

    New forum admin

    Due to the current commitments of some of the admins, it has been decided to bring someone else on board. :) Please say hello to the newbie admin, Channie! :wave:
  19. sniffy

    hi all one more little newbie here!!!

    hello to every one im a newbie to the site my names simon and i from ireland i drive a s15 spec r and i love it.